Central Lubrication Systems - Semi-Fluid Grease

This category offers pre-configurated complete lubrication systems for lubrication with semi-fluid grease which can be altered according to your requirements. A vast variety of pumps and equipment as well as components to choose from enables you to find the perfect fit for your individual application. Additionally, we offer competent consulting from our sales department should you have any questions regarding your complete lubrication system.

Single Line Systems:

The most commonly used central lubrication systems are single-line systems. The single-line pump delivers semi-fluid grease through high pressure pipes to distributors by generating pressure. The amount of lubricant can be precisely configurated for each individual lubricating point via piston distributor. Lubrication is carried out in continuous intervals you can choose yourself. These systems have a significant advantage because of pressure reliefs during pause time. If one or more lubricating points are blocked, the other lubricating points are still supplied with lubricant. These single-line systems can supply up to 100 lubricating points and are suitable for almost every application.
Fields of application include engineering, presses, packaging plants, tool machinery and other system used in production and packaging.

Progressive Systems:

The structure of progressive systems is similar to single-line systems. A main pump is used to deliver the lubricant throughout the system to lubricating points. However, this is carried out progressively which means that the lubricating points are supplied in a pre-set sequence. When all lubricating points are sufficiently supplied, the progressive systems restarts from the first point. If a lubricating point is blocked or a shutdown due to unknown errors occurs, the lubrication process will restart from the point it stopped after restarting the system.
One of the advatanges of progressive systems are cost-efficient components with functional design. Our pumps differ in drive voltage, reservoir volume and either integrated or external control.
Progressive systems are mainly used for tool machinery and hydraulic presses, but are also installed in wood working and packaging machines.