Central Lubrication Systems - Oil

SINNTEC offers central lubrication systems for oil lubrication with various pumps and components. Please state the number of lubricating points you need to supply with the system and our team will compile the perfect system for your individual requirements.

Single Line System

Single-line central lubrication is especially suited for systems with high complexity. It is unproblematic to add or remove distributors from the system while indicator pins in every metering chamber allow for easy and reliable manual control. Pressure switches inside single-line systems constantly monitor the system, however pressure are moderate compared to progressive systems.
Electronic control allows for fully automatic operation of pump and system while still remaining in the safe operational temperature range of +10°C to +50°C.
Piston distributors in single-line systems are designed to be used with delivery pressures ranging from 12 to 45 bar while allowing for precise dosing of 0,01 to 0,16 ccm. The size of distributors may vary as the amount of lubricating points changes. This needs to be taken into account while planning your system as it may be problematic in combination with small spaces.
The pumps and pump units differ in terms of operating voltage, reservoir size and either integrated or external control. We are happy to help you compile your system with the pump and components that are required.

Progressive System

The pump of progressive systems delivers oil via high pressures pipes to a main distributor. It then is distributed to other distributors and delivered to all lubricating points.
The supply of lubricating points in progressive systems if carried out progressively (=continuous) which means that the points are supplied in succession. If the process of lubrication is interruted, the lubrication system will continue to supply the problematic lubrication point after a system restart.
Your system can function completely autonomous by using either an electric or pneumatic pump. Only the lubricant level inside reservoirs needs to be monitored, either manually or via level control units. When choosing manual lubrication pumps, it is very important to ensure a continuous and sufficient lubrication.