Progressive Distributors

Progressivverteiler Grundlagen

Progressive distributors for central lubrication system

We offer a variety of progressive distributors as different models such as modular or block distributor from leading manufacturers such as BEKA or SKF. Additionally, robust and compact progressive distributors made of high-quality stainless steel are available. Please contact our sales department if you wish to enquire a distributor model not listed in our shop.

Product description of Beka MX-F progressive distributors

BEKA M-F distributors feature the possibility of arbitrarily chaning the number of outlets and thus can be adjusted to any amount of lubricating points. They are manufactured with modular construction and can be infinitely varied. Individual distributor plates with different qualities such as central and closing elements with different dosage volumes can be combined to form a complete and compact progressive distributor. Dosage volume per piston stroke can be adjusted by using different piston diameters. To ensure flawless function of MX-F distributors, at least three pistons should be used per distributor.

Our high-quality progressive distributors are able to deliver virtually any lubricant such as oil, semi-fluid grease and grease up to NLGI class 2. The three different elements are made of galvanised steel and are thus very robust. These elements are the first element (no piston), two to elevel central elements (piston) and one closing element (piston). Delivery of first elements excludes fittings, they can be ordered seperately of necessary. All fittings with M10x1 connection thread can be used to fit into first elements. Central and closing elements are delivered inclusive outlet fittings for Ø 6 mm pipe diameter. Two or more outlets of the progressive distributor can be combined if required for large lubricating points with high lubricant needs. Every plate of the progressive distributor has 2 outlets which can be combined to one outlet. To do this, the seal screw which seperates both sides is removed and a screw plug in screwed into the side which is to be closed. By doing this, the dosage volume of the progressive distributor's open side is doubled. Outlets can simply be recombined by re-screqing the sealing screw.