Central Lubrication Systems - Grease

Central lubrication system with grease are the most commom form of lubrication for utility vehicles or machines. The bearings of these vehicles and machines work with moderate speeds and reach operating temperatures of up to 80°C. We offer system solutions with various pumps which differ in terms of reservoir volume, voltage and control units, as well as a variety of equipment for systems with up to 76 lubricating points.

Grease central lubrication

These system's central lubrication is carried out progressively. The system's main component is a progressive pump to deliver lubricant into the lubrication line system. The lubricant is then supplied via main and secondary progressive distributors to all lubricating points progressively. The sequence of the supply chain inside the system is set before activation. When the system's last lubricating point is sufficiently supplied with lubricant, the system completes the cycle and restarts from the first lubricating point.

Advantages of grease central lubrication

  • Optimally timed and proportioned lubrication of your lubricating points
  • Higher durability and less maintenance costs
  • Lubrication is carried out during operation time (no machine pause times)
  • Lower costs for lubricant due to exact dosing
  • Higher productivity of your machines
  • Never forget a lubricating points, always reliable supply
  • Higher work safety and less environmental pollution

Advantages of grease over semi-fluid grease

Grease (e.g. NLGI class 2) creates an elastic grease sleeve around bearings and prevents intrusion by dirt or humidity for a period of time. Grease is water-proof and resists very high temperatures while semi-fluid grease would melt and flow out of the bearings.
This advantage is even more important during summer, where flowing lubricant is at risk of soiling vehicles or machines, thus creating malfunctions or even downtimes. Grease is, overall, a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and work safer (no risk of slipping due to drops) solution
Experience shows that grease lubrication is also more cost-efficient than semi-fluid grease lubrication due to a reduction of lubricant needs by two thirds.

Lubricating nipple extension

If your system does not require an automatic pump, we can also offer alternatives with lubricating nipple extensions. They are connected to all lubricating points in the machine or vehicle to form one lubrication cycle which can then be accessed from only one central lubrication point.  This ensures that all lubrication points will always be sufficiently supplied with lubricant. This manual form of lubrication requires a lubricating hand pump and manual lubrication as well as manual cleaning.